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Since 1936, we’ve been in the business of bulk Supplys. Our father was an entrepreneur who understood the power of teamwork. He used to buy Clairol hair coloring tints in bulk and personally visited beauty supply stores to sell them individually, taking advantage of the discounted prices available for bulk purchases. Bulk Supplys has continued to 

He said the value of that was the differance of eating or having no food.

He exbanded that idea bulk supplys was born; We offer bulk toothpaste, toothpaste tube, caps, bottle, shampoo base, conditioner base all the bottles, caps, labels, ingredients you would ever need or use. We all work together at bulk supplys .

Tell us your needs tell us your wants we will do it for you ,we will help you do it ,we can do it together what ever your needs are we are all going to work together.

For More Information, Contact TEAM BULK-SUPPLYS!
Business Line: 1-440-449-5622

Email: bulktoothpaste@gmail.com

Fax 1-440-585-1883

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